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Conferences & Briefings

Keynote Speaker

With years of invaluable and insightful experience as the FBI's frontman for Wall Street enforcement, David will have your audience hanging on every word at your next conference or in-house training. His inspiring and high energy speaking style engages audiences through case studies and personal anecdotes.  At Tone At The Top Advisors, David will tailor a powerful presentation for your audience.


Expert Guidance

Today business has never been under stronger scrutiny by regulators and criminal authorities. The vast resources of federal and state government are more focused on your business than ever before. Tone At The Top Advisors understands government interests and what they are seeking in an exam or investigation and will prepare you on what to expect and how to respond.

Talking Business

Safety & Security

Travel Abroad

You and your firm may be the target of a foreign countries intelligence service or competitor seeking to gain personal or proprietary information about you or your business. Tone At The Top Advisors provides its clients with essential briefings on security concerns and safety measures while traveling abroad.


Business Integrity

With years of experience, and an unmatched understanding of government priorities in FCPA, insider trading, cyber preparedness, and anti-corruption programs, David has the capabilities and expertise to offer training to your staff that will assist you in creating a culture of compliance and cooperation.  Every business is likely to face the scrutiny of the government by acts of a rogue employee. Be prepared.

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